2010-2011 Price List Of Suzuki Cars Update

The afterward are the anticipation 2010-2011 prices account of Suzuki cars newest update.
See your banker for the absolute amount of your Suzuki Car.
SX4 Cross Road (Manual) IDR.. 186.500.000
SX4 Cross Road (Automatic) IDR. 197.500.000
SX4 Cross Over (Manual) IDR 197.500.000
SX4 Cross Over (Automatic) IDR.. 208.500.000
Swift ST (Manual) IDR. 169.500.000
Swift ST (Automatic) IDR. 180.500.000
Swift GTS (Manual) IDR 181.000.000
Swift GTS (Automatic) IDR 192.000.000
Real Van GX IDR 110.250.000
Real Van DX IDR 102.250.000
Pick Up 1500 IDR 86.000.000
Pick Up 1000 IDR 81.500.000
New Karimun Estilo IDR 127.750.000
Neo Baleno 1.5 (NIK 2008 A/T) IDR 194.000.000
Neo Baleno 1.5 (Manual) IDR. 211.000.000
Neo Baleno 1.5 (Automatic) IDR. 222.000.000
Grand Vitara JLX 2.4 (Manual) IDR 314.000.000
Grand Vitara JLX 2.4 (Automatic) IDR 325.000.000v
Grand Vitara JLX 2.0 (Manual) IDR 291.500.000
Grand Vitara JLX 2.0 (Automatic) IDR 302.500.000
APV Luxury R17 (Manual) IDR. 172.500.000
APV Luxury R17 (Automatic) IDR 183.500.000
APV Luxury R15 (Manual) IDR. 168.500.000
APV Luxury R15 (Automatic) IDR 179.500.000
APV GE PS IDR. 131.000.000
APV GE Face 2 Face IDR 128.000.000
APV Arena SGX (Manual) IDR. 158.500.000
APV Arena SGX (Automatic) IDR 169.500.000
APV Arena GX (Manual) IDR 154.000.000
APV Arena GX (Automatic) IDR 165.000.000
APV Arena GL IDR 142.000.000
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