Gambar foto Honda Beat skubek new modified for the rider speed modif

Gambar foto honda beat baru dan modifikasi

Two duck motor-scooters (skubek) Honda BeAT and Yamaha New Mio still wage war seized the consumer. The price both of them were sharp thin. BeAT only issued the variant casting wheel dengnan the price ounce the road (OTR) for Jakarta Rp surrounding area 12 million. His competitor, New Mio with the rim of the bar defined Rp 11.8 million. For the prospective consumer that pengin bought the motor, was not enough to demand fuel efficiency then. Nah, by chance you had the choice between BeAT and New Mio, possibly fitur and the supporting component that was put forward to the two skubek this could facilitate you in deciding the choice.
BeAT appeared in the style of skubek Europe. Main light and the right-left sign were one place. While New Mio, main light and the sign were still being separated. Rarely the motor nose and the mudguard BeAT parted. Different was the same New Mio that tended to be in a meeting. Secara the design, BeAT enggak appeared unified or solid compared to New Mio. The place of the space foot the driver in BeAT that was narrow made knees come across knees will be felt by the driver that the height above 170 cm. If with the measurement of shoes on 42, made foot was difficult to move. Different was the same New Mio that made the position thigh-calf and tapak foot free. While the space foot passengers, New Mio adopted footstep Mio Soul. Meaning that, the position foot boncenger that more than 170 cm will be difficult to be folded. Different same BeAT that the space foot boncenger him even was similar to Mio old. The luggage BeAT enggak could bring the thing more than the raincoat. The difference was the same the volume of the New Mio luggage that was far more bigger. Apart from the raincoat, also could bring equipment 2009
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