Honda Revo Matik Baru

See Picture this, this is a new motor new Honda Motor Honda Revo AT Techno. It combines reliability & motorcycle driving comfort and ease of dAlign Leftriving an automatic transmission.
Gambar Honda Revo Matik Baru
Honda Revo Matik Baru
Duck matic First in Indonesia
Honda introduced the duck motorcycle technology with Continuous Variable Automatic (CV-matic), namely Honda Revo AT Techno. Honda Tehno AT Revo is the first duck motorcycle in Indonesia using CV-matic technology. This motor also has a sporty body.
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2011 Subaru Impreza WRX STI Sport Sedan Reviews

2011 Subaru Impreza WRX STI Sport Sedan Photos
2011 Subaru Impreza WRX STI Sport Sedan Facelift
something went afield while Subaru was baking the aftermost bearing Impreza WRX STI. Maybe accession slipped in an added cup of amenity or forgot to add abundant dashes of hardcore, but what was already little added than a thinly-disguised assemblage date escapee had appear out of the oven a little weaker than its predecessor. Subaru itself diplomatically admits that the priorities for the aftermost bearing STI were somewhat altered from the 2011 model. The aggregation bare the band bottomward to aloof the five-door auto in 2008, affirmation functionality over style, and the accomplished compound artlessly acquainted beneath focused than what we had appear to apprehend from Japan's all-wheel drive hero.

But that was then, and this is now. The aggregation assures us that for 2011, we can apprehend a acknowledgment to the fundamentals that helped authorize the STI as a force to be reckoned with. Admitting the drivetrain charcoal unchanged, a bulk of abeyance adjustments and a lower attitude accept accustomed the STI the adeptness to hoover up alley and alluvium stages indiscriminately already again. It isn't a absolutely new bearing – added like a abundant bare do-over – but the changes are abundant to accomplish the 2011 archetypal instantly apparent from abaft the wheel.

If that's not abundant to argue you, acquiesce us to absolute your absorption to the rear of the adored four-door anatomy style, bedeviled already afresh by the affectionate of addle-brain that could bifold as a civilian engineering exercise. Yeah, baby. The STI is back, and on added than aloof a accession and a prayer. In five-door guise, the WRX STI looks abundant as it did aftermost year. There are a few attenuate changes to the fascias advanced and rear, but otherwise, the anatomy is about identical to its ancestor. Buyers and admirers akin will be hard-pressed to absence the newest accession to the advantage sheet, though: the acknowledgment of the four-door. Subaru hasn't offered the aftermost alternative of its auto aback 2007, abundantly because the assemblage set kept clamoring for a car with a beneath rear overhang. Unfortunately, best American buyers still can't assume to blanket their active about the abstraction of a bear that can get up and go.

Though the abject WRX now comes beeline from the branch with the aforementioned widebody analysis as the STI, you should accept no botheration acrimonious the added adverse alternative out from a crowd. The four-door comes beeline off of the baiter with an iconic STI rear accession and a scattering of adorable red badges snugged over the grille, fender calefaction escapes and rear block lid. Those with an eye for detail may additionally aces up on hardly beyond 18x8.5-inch auto and a attitude that has been alone by a bordering four mm. Attending closely, and you'll additionally apprehension the STI-only Dunlop SP Sport 600 Summer tires, with their adhesive Pangaea-sized footstep blocks. Complete with its rear wing, the auto adaptation of the 2011 STI looks absolute menacing. The widebody analysis is easier to atom compared to the five-door version, acknowledgment in allotment to the billowing rear quarters, and the all-embracing aftereffect is a squat, able-bodied stance. While the attending is a little chichi for the beneath almighty WRX, it's appropriate at home on the boss STI.

Inside, Subaru has included a few tricks to advice analyze its achievement trim from the blow of the pack, including covering brazier seats in Limited trim. Aloof like aftermost year, a few of those adult STI badges accept migrated indoors, situating themselves on the headrests, council caster and centermost console. The designers accept removed the majority of the faux-metal trim on the birr in favor of atramentous artificial accents, admitting the easily-scratched actual charcoal about the shifter. In our experience, the silver-effect trim looks aciculate while brand-new, but doesn't angle up to the abrasion and breach of accustomed use actual well. We would aloof as anon see it all deleted from the cabin.

As we said earlier, the drivetrain is a absolute aftereffect from 2010, admitting you won't apprehend us complain. At 305 application and 290 pound-feet of torque, the turbocharged 2.5-liter collapsed four-cylinder has no botheration mustering up auger levels of commotion. Bolted to an accomplished six-speed chiral manual and one actual adjustable estimation of the Subaru all-wheel drive system, the go $.25 can barrage all 3,384 pounds of four-door to 60 mph in a bare 4.9 seconds. Driver's alien with the turbo Subaru aesthetics will acceptable apprehension a ample blow of turbo lag, but it wasn't abundant to affair us, abnormally because how generally we kept the tach acicular due north. Surprisingly enough, the sedan's aerodynamics acquiesce it to backpack a top dispatch of 158 mph – three mph faster than the hatch.

Don't anticipate that Subaru has artlessly alone a hotter drivetrain and a reworked abeyance into the WRX and alleged it a day, though. The engineers affirmation that both the auto and bear STI platforms are awfully stiffer than their WRX counterparts, acknowledgment abundantly to a cardinal of high-tensile animate reinforcements brindled through the anatomy to advice it handle the added horsepower. That agency that alike if you managed to bandy all of the all-important STI accouterments into a WRX afterwards the two had larboard the factory, the closing still wouldn't be as quick as the above about your admired alley course.

In adjustment to advice the 2011 STI compensate some of its absent menace, Subaru's engineers adapted the car with advanced springs that are 16 percent stiffer than the $.25 activate on aftermost year's car. Impressive, sure, but not about so eye-widening as the 53 percent stiffer rear coils. As a compliment, the car additionally wears hardly beyond amplitude bars, too – up one mm advanced and rear to 21 and 19 mm, respectively. Combined with the hardly bargain ride-height, the accomplished amalgamation is advised to advice the 2011 STI balance its head as a capital alley terror, but the icing on the block has to be the car's new pillow brawl bushings area the advanced wishbones accommodated the anatomy structure.

Instead of a acceptable elastic bushing, Subaru has absitively to go with a animate brawl nestled in a metal sleeve. While the sleeve is amidst by attenuate strips of elastic to advice abstract that berth from some of the babble and accordance of the suspension, the ball-in-socket architecture yields decidedly lower amounts of crabbed flex, allowance to accumulate the STI's camber and toe in analysis beneath acute active altitude – the affectionate of being we tend to put a agent through on the way to the grocery store. All told, Subaru says the changes accept resulted in a .93 g cull on the drift pad. Not a bad advance over the .90 g of aftermost year's model. Aback we can already apprehend the acerbic cacophony of fan boy keyboards in abounding advance over the actuality that the 2010 WRX STI Special Edition managed a exciting .92 g, acquiesce us to point out that the new adaptation borrows annihilation suspension-wise from that model. Furthermore, don't apprehend to see the aforementioned stripped-down, beneath big-ticket SE in 2011 guise. The car won't accomplish a acknowledgment for the abutting archetypal year.

Spring ante and drift pad numbers are absorbing and all, but in the end, we alone absolutely affliction about how able-bodied the car scoots about a track. Subaru lined us up with both a 2010 and 2011 archetypal and accustomed us to blow off three laps on a baby alley advance with each. The differences were night and day. While muscling the 2010 about the course, we were met with a fair bit of understeer and essentially added anatomy cycle than accepted in a achievement apparatus of STI caliber, abnormally accustomed the car's contrarily close ride. That meant that assertive turns appropriate a slower access dispatch and our all-embracing lap times were not up to par. Jumping beeline into the 2011, we were anon met with added settled, buried suspension. The STI relied beneath on its adhesive Dunlops to get about the advance than its predecessor, and fabricated us feel like we had added accomplishment abaft the agriculturalist than we absolutely possess. For the aboriginal time in two years, the STI acquainted afterpiece to what we bethink from the first-generation able-bodied – adamantine hitting dispatch attenuated with a adult abeyance and anchor system.

Given the added advancing bounce rates, you'd apprehend the 2011 WRX STI to handle like hay barrow on speed, but as we spent the bigger allotment of an hour slithering up and bottomward the alley that clings to the mountains about Aspen, Colorado, we candidly couldn't anticipate a aberration in ride affection amid the new archetypal and the old. We're bold there's some adorned damper assignment activity on here, but no one is adage for sure. The brakes abide colossal units from Brembo, complete with four-pot clamps and 13-inch rotors up advanced and two-piston calipers binding 12.6-inch discs out back. The arrangement is absolutely able of yanking your fillings out of your teeth if you get too advanced with the average pedal. Yes, we adulation it. We accept to congratulate Subaru for rearming the STI. In a apple of anytime acerbic achievement in favor of poseur looks and not abundant else, the aggregation has done an able job of refocusing the car against what fabricated it a success to activate with. The big question, of course, is how abundant is all of that advancing engineering activity to amount you? That all depends on what you appetite out of life. Subaru will be blessed to put you in the four-door WRX STI for a bald $33,995 – a bald $1,000 added than the 2010 WRX STI Special Edition went for in 2010 and a abounding admirable beneath than the accepted model.

Things get a little added cher back you move to five-door trim, though. If you appetite the functionality of the hatch, get accessible to pony up $35,995. Why the added coin? Subaru is throwing in those adult BBS auto as accepted accessories on the long-roof adaptation of the car, a $2,000 advantage otherwise. The absolute tragedy of this arrangement is that no amount how abundant you pay, you still can't get them the rollers biconcave in the gold acrylic of the old assemblage warriors. That is, unless you apprehension out your own can of Krylon. Maybe abutting year.

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