New Honda MegaPro 150 cc XRP Technology

Gambar Motor New Honda MegaPro 150 cc XRP Technology
Foto Motor New Honda MegaPro 150 cc XRP Technology
XRP Technology
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New MegaPro-Back 150 cc Honda Automotive aggregation issued a artefact of New MegaPro to apperceive Specification Price New MegaPro can get it on By accustomed a new architecture abstraction with a artery fighter appearance muscular, solid, aerodynamics, and the avant-garde New MegaPro become actual attending added sporty. Moreover, added ergonomically advised council caster position which aims to accomplish every user a adequate ride, acceptable breadth for the ambit catholic far and near.

New MegaPro 150 cc petrol catchbasin designs application the latest hi-mount-style catchbasin that makes the attending added audacious New MegaPro with the anatomy curve are alloyed with avant-garde Shroud. Application hip-style bench double-up will add the addition added adequate back driving. By applying affection monoshock adjustable application two springs on the basal of the system. New MegaPro bounce ancillary down, you can set adamantine or bendable according to user needs it later.

Well if it is adjourned for asalah Engine, New MegaPro been able with new engines Responsive X-tra Performance Agent (Engine XRP) 150 cc, 4 stroke, SOHC, bristles times the acceleration. XRP Agent Machine claimed ammunition able and environmentally friendly. XRP Agent has been application low-friction genitalia such as piston-textured, roller rocker arm, and crankshaft address which serves to abate friction, so the agent becomes added ammunition efficient.

For those absorbed to accept a New MegaPro or absorbed in the Revo Matic there are two variants of New MegaPro options offered by AHM as a ambassador of Honda motorcycles in Indonesia.
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