Modif motor Suzuki satria Fu 150 cc

Modif Suzuki satria Fu 150cc

This is the image modified 2009 Suzuki Satria Fu 150cc. Appearance is very slim, red, and the engine is also in the design veri race
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Modifikasi Suzuki Satria FU 150 cc 2009 and little specs

Suzuki Satria FU appear to have been Facelift. Where is the Suzuki make some changes in the sector. Among other winshield, Dashboard and the exhaust and change the color-block engine with a yellow clutch. doff / Flat Gold Tujuanya not others, the strengthening of the engine siluet middling sized large.

Front of the lights seen in the sepereti Kawasaki Athlete. But the actual model is the property of impersonating Suzuki GSX-R 600/750 K8. Remember FU now have coconut shell lamp similar to the Hayabusa K1. Meanwhile, gold color flat machine make an impression on the dominant engine of sasis.
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Modifikasi Honda Tiger 250cc 2009

250cc Motor Sport does not comply with the condition of roads in Indonesia, so for about a statement petinggi AHM. Well how do? Rather than some time ago, AHM issued a statement which said that the 250cc motorcycle market, although there is small? Also added at that time that the possibility for them is to membulit-up 250cc motorcycles from other countries. When it is estimated will bring Honda CBF Twsiter if dinobatkan as the Tiger 250.

Now they are really a statement for behind. There apalkah behind all this, what is a correct statement of the appropriate facts,
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Honda Tiger 250 CC Modification

During this problem the new motor-may be we always suppose, supposing such as this, like that. Unless of course spy-shot motor is already circulating in the general public. So also with the new Tiger, as if later, the new Tiger information will launched at the end of the year, whether or not diundur want. May be we suppose the most pessimistic of the bin to the most hidebound trump up. And because this time I just do not think size is disappointed when the exit is not in accordance with my estimates, my name is also case.

The first thing we need to know is REVO since Tiger was born two years ago had not changed, either face lift or major change. Why be so? please read here, there are results of analysis-analysis of the tiger about me.
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Honda Tiger Revo 200cc Specs or specification

This is the technical data specifications Tiger.

* Length X width X height: 2029 x 747 x 1093 mm
Steering wheel * Distance: 155 mm
* Proximity to the lowest soil: 137 kg
Weight empty: 137 kg
* Type of order: Pattern Berlian
Suspensi depan * Type: Teleskopik
* Type Suspensi rear: swing arm with spring double tube oil
* Front tire size: 2.75 - 18 - 42L
* Rear tire size: 100/90 - 18 M / C - 56P
* Rem front: hydraulic disc type, with the piston ganda
* Rem background: Type of disc
* Fuel tank capacity: 13.2 Liter
* Type of engine: 4 Step OHC, air cooling
* Diameter x steps: 63.5 x 62.2 mm
* Step Volume: 196.9 cc
* Comparison of compression: 9.0: 1
* Maximum Power: 16.7 PS / 8500 RPM
* Torsi maximum: 1.60 kgf.m / 7000 RPM
* Capacity of oil lubricants engine: 1.0 liter in the periodic replacement of
* Clutch Auto: Manual, Wet Multiplate
* Gigi transmsi: 6 speed
* The transfer teeth: 1-N-2-3-4-5-6
* Starter: Electrical Starter & Kick Starter
* Aki: 12 V - 7 Ah
* Spark plugs: ND x 24 EP U9 / NGK DP8EA-9
* Ignition system: AC-CDI, Magneto
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Modifikasi Yamaha jupiter MX 135cc 2009

Yamaha jupiter MX 135cc Modification

MX-style with Jupiter, have given inspiration to many users with a capacity of 135cc motor to change the view that motor manufacturers are the symbol of the fork tune. Changing the appearance of the body is not to bring her biker mount sterling character who have insist.

To change this, the owner of Jupiter MX fantasize motor change into a motor that is only just to enjoy himself. No need follower, only with the motor knock. Vision that is not traveled play and experiment own, he commit to the workshop condition Motor modifications.
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New of Honda blade 110R modification

New of Honda blade 110R modification

110 cc engine is claimed high efesien and, if not a 110 cc engine is more economical to 10-20% of the 100 cc engine honda legend so that during the last 10 years. Blade 110 on the machine, dekompresi akan lost, but will not necessarily be difficult for us menyelah motorcycles, Honda has been thinking about this to the new engine so we tetep will slah easy to kick start the motor. It seems all Variant akan duck refers to the specifications that will replace the Motor Honda REVO position that they say are in demand-good sell. Because the fore will expired Honda 100 cc engine, the Honda Fit will also be replaced. Successor is likely Variant Speck Down Blade of this Honda, it is what most likely made AHM in the near-term strategies with common parts.
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