Ducati 848 pics

In popular team of ducati motor sport gallery. In F1 USA, Germany motor sport for qualification Year 2009.New motorsport of ducati manufacture.This is an all-new bike. Rather than sleeve down the 999 engine, Ducati have constructed a brand new one and this will certainly give the 600s a run for their money. Styling is the usual spectacularly sexy Ducati and the 848 is available in red or white, although why on earth any one would want anything other than red is a mystery.

The specifications are impressive to say the least and I can see this one becoming extremely popular. And at last, Ducati have built this one for the road first, the race track second. The 848 is not eligible to enter either World or AMA Supersport racing, so it should be well mannered on the road. The legendary Ducati grunt makes it a breeze to ride and just about every journalist at the launch fell in love with it.
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