Gambar foto sepeda motor Honda Revo modif Baru japan collection pic, so modifikasi this motorcycles

After could be bloody when ‘harga diri’ him was stabbed by Yamaha, finally Honda used the long but new step by issuing Honda Revo on April 20 2007. The AHM mainstay that was new this really was different from the side of the design, but the consumer certainly asked, “apa OK had the change in his machine?? Evidently not!! Honda with the self-confidence again used the machine C-100 98cc that also was used from his ancestors's time. The affix of the model muffler racing became the sweetener ‘jagoan’ we this time.. plus with tantalised-tantalised the Honda machine that was strong, obstinate but stayed frugal. Clear, with this jargon not merepresentasikan the existence of the progress in the matter of machine technology from the Honda motorcycle. Also was observed from the machine capacity that only 100cc a little bit short, necessarily Honda reinforced the duck rank have a cc the size, saw the very diligent rival developed the duck 125cc above. Or Honda berstrategi other? Possibly in the area (outside Jakarta/the Javanese Island) the duck 100cc still often had an interest taken in him, so as AHM was like this pe-de released Revo 100cc, like that
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