New of Gambar foto Honda tiger modification and modified

Modified tiger and modif mesin honda tiger 2009 from thai and malaysia or hongkong, and indonesia philipina. The Honda Motor in the Arena of Pekan Raya Jakarta. PT Astra Honda Motor (AHM) would ngadain gelaran Launching New Honda Tiger: Revolution Cruiser, on Friday, July 14 2006. The agenda will be begun at 17.00 WIB with Press Conference, Dinner alias dinner with the reporter and the invitation from club-club Tiger in a round Jakarta-Bekasi-Tangerang-Banten. For the peak of the agenda that is the Launching Procession will be begun struck 19,00 WIB in the stage of the Honda PRJ. Acara motor of the stand agenda will be guided by MC Sarah Sechan and Doni Kusuma. The song song from the Group of the Band of teeth also will accompany the agenda launching this. Was not left behind Sexy Dancer from Batavia Dancer that will make the spectator's eyes not blink. To gelaran launching New Honda Tiger this AHM invited Tigerist a Jabodetabek round to be able to be present. Love the Free PRJ admission ticket invitation limited because of the quota that was given by the PRJ Side so as only several club that be alloted free ticket this. The community and Club Honda tiger.

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